The Word of the Day (Le Mot Du Jour)

The idea is simple. The Word of the Day is a word each day (apart from the weekend) to be used at least once in your conversations during that day. You can then share the context you used the word in by leaving a commentary aiming to enrich our understanding of the word.

Everyday French is comprised of around 32,000 words. On average a French person would know more than 70% of these words (around 22,500 words), and, depending on the individual, would only use 300 to 2000 of these words in their everyday life. The Word of the Day suggests, before the weekend, a more precise exploration of the complexity of the language and its curiosities

And finally, to appreciate the precision of the French language, Nuance Wednesday proposes, on certain Tuesdays, to compare words which are basically synonyms with the goal of differentiating between them for more precise usage.

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